A Note of Thanks

I don't do this alone, so here's some gratitude at the end of 2023 to everyone who helps make this possible and good.

“The Geyser” continues to grow and thrive around a community of independent thinkers who like thought-provoking writing and unique inquiries and insights. It takes a community to make it happen, so here’s an end-of-the-year thanks to some members:

  • The Paid Subscribers. When “The Geyser” was launched, there was public skepticism that anyone would pay for it. The custom for blogs to be free was entrenched, but a subscription renaissance was in the wind. Now, 5+ years in, the subscribers not only help make this worthwhile, but having subscribers makes me work harder, be more selective, and ask relevant questions. Thanks to everyone who pays to support my attempts to understand what’s happening.
  • Those Who Send In Interesting Tidbits. Some of the most unexpected dives into inexplicable goings-on have started with an email — an idea from a reader, or an example forwarded. If you’ve helped out in this way, thank you.
  • The People Who Correct My Mistakes. I make mistakes. We all do. And I always appreciate it when people point them out, so I can correct or address them. If you’ve pointed out an error of any kind, thank you.
    • The Copyeditors. Typos represent a special category of mistake I can’t seem to avoid. It happens, and when it’s pointed out, I appreciate it. Thanks very much to all the copyeditors.
  • The Behind-the-Scenes Supporters. Occasionally, I get a note of support, thanks, or encouragement. These mean a lot, so thank you if you’ve ever sent one.
  • The Independent Thinkers. Scholarly culture is lurching toward a monoculture, with only a few ideas allowed by freelance gatekeepers who live in our heads rent-free, often through peer pressure, passive-aggressive behavior, or overt intimidation. To all those who shake off these constraints on our options, keeping their minds open to finding the best way forward, thank you.

I’m off (except for a song) until next week, so until then, enjoy yourself.

And thanks!

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