ChatGPT’s OA Hallucinations

According to ChatGPT, I'm a well-known OA advocate. (Where's that "laughing crying" emoji when you need it?)

You have to wonder about ChatGPT’s implicit politics when it comes to publishing. I’ve never not been a skeptic of OA publishing, and many of the scenarios I (and others) predicted have come true — with some proving worse than we could have possibly imagined, demonstrating a failure of imagination to some degree.

In any event, anyone reading even a smattering of posts from me would be able to easily see that I’m not a proponent of OA as currently realized — with cash-on-the-barrelhead APCs, unreviewed biomedical preprints, predatory publishers, volume-based publishing incentives, implicit COIs for editors and publishers, and the concomitant corruptions of the scholarly record.

But judging from two 250-word bios I asked ChatGPT to write about me, it thinks I’m a major OA advocate.

The first was in the context of “The Scholarly Kitchen”: