Friday Song: “Here Without You”

In 2006, JCPenney sponsored a concert called “JCPenney Jam: The Concert for America’s Kids.” Featuring a range of artists — Jon Bon Jovi, Andrea Bocelli — the concert didn’t make much of an impression overall. However, one performance has remained a draw — 3 Doors Down performing their 2003 hit “Here Without You” accompanied by Sara Evans, a top-selling Country music star.

The 3 Doors Down original reached #5 on the Billboard charts, #2 in Australia, and the Top 10 in Denmark, the Netherlands, and New Zealand.

It speaks to a simple emotion — missing someone and feeling lonely. It has become a staple for military personnel and their families. Intended to provide solace, it evokes the notion of being together in dreams as a source of happiness — love as an emotion that travels, binds, and can be held.

Both singers have strong, distinctive voices. Brad Arnold, the lead singer of 3 Doors Down, possesses a gritty, emotive tone, while Evans’ warm, rich voice easily shifts into a lovely harmony accompaniment. They blend perfectly.

This is a simple song, a simple arrangement, and a powerful result. The video quality isn’t great, but the audio is the draw.