Friday Song: “Ratatata”

J-pop meets German eletronicore, and the result is pure, fizzy fun

I’ve been hearing a lot more about musical preferences from people under 20, and it’s eye-opening. One blind spot I’ve developed through the cultural cataracts of age? The vast musical worlds of K-pop and J-pop — Korean pop and Japanese pop. These genres are popular among kids, who find their obscurity among parents and other adults part of the allure, from what I can tell.

We don’t even know enough to ask, and the distribution channels — YouTube and TikTok — are not where adults go to find music, with filters that work against accidental discovery.

I’ve touched on J-pop before using a song by Babymetal. Since then, they have swapped out one member, yet remain a musical and performance juggernaut. Here, they team up with Electric Callboy, a tongue-in-cheek German eletronicore band known for humorous songs and a relaxed approach to the genre.

The singing contrasts are striking. With Electric Callboy, we veer from the high harmonies reminiscent of the Bee Gees to the guttural growls of death metal, while Babymetal delivers their usual sweet and superb singing.

This is your musical public service. This is what a lot of younglings are listening to from what I am told — and, frankly, I can see why. If I were a teenager, I’d probably love it, too.

(I really like it now, to be honest . . .)


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