Friday Song: "Right On Time"

Brandi Carlile — and SNL — deliver a game-changing mix of magic and music

Friday Song: "Right On Time"

Like I’m sure many of you, I have a new musical crush — Brandi Carlile.

Suddenly, she is mainstream — and thank heavens.

Thresholds of fame fascinate me. I remember seeing a few artists before they broke big, and wondering what confluence of luck, persistence, patience, talent, and culture finally thrust them onto our collective main stage.

Like Carlile’s, these are stories of overnight success years in the making.

Carlile collaborates with Phil and Tim Hanseroth, known to fans as “the twins.” The Hanseroth twins have worked with Carlile for 15 years now. In 2019, they and Carlile bagged three Grammy Awards. More are sure to be theirs in the coming months.

The fact that Saturday Night Live is still able to elevate musical artists into the popular imagination seems quite a feat for a show so long in the tooth.

Carlile’s performance of “Right on Time” from SNL ends with her exulting in the fact that her big notes are no fluke, and she then connects with the live and television audience in a way I’ve rarely if ever seen.

Pure charisma. Such a badass.

The entire album (In These Silent Days) is terrific.


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