Friday Song: "This Is How a Heart Breaks"

Sometimes, kinetics are what make a song great, and the adrenaline rush music can provide

Friday Song: "This Is How a Heart Breaks"

Editor’s Note: This is being published on “Mad About Music” simultaneously. Some readers of “The Geyser” have told me they liked and now miss this feature, so I’ll add it now and again to keep your Fridays humming along.

There’s a lot to recommend Rob Thomas’ music, including his incredible voice and deft songwriting. From his collaboration with Carlos Santana on “Smooth” to his work with Matchbox 20 to his solo albums, there’s an abundance of variety and substance.

The song I’ve chosen I think demonstrates that, sometimes, music isn’t subtle. Sometimes, music works because it’s just so propulsive, so energetic, so kinetic that it gets your adrenaline going. Thomas’ 2005 song “This Is How a Heart Breaks” is to me one such song. Nominated for a Grammy for “Best Pop Vocal Performance” the following year, the song’s video is just as energetic as the music.

The less said here, the better. Play it. Get amped up. Have a great day.

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