Friday Song: “White Horse”

A new song by Chris Stapleton features everything that makes this artist special

Sometimes, a new song just grabs you. The song that took me by the scruff of the neck this week is Chris Stapleton’s new single “White Horse” from his forthcoming album, Higher.

Stapleton has become a major star over the past few years, with his distinctive voice and songs carving a refreshing path across the musical landscape — actual playing, singing, and grit. Unsurprisingly, he’s punching through such pop confectionery with ease.

How basic is his approach? His rig for playing and singing the US national anthem at this year’s Super Bowl was incredibly simple and effective — a small mic’d amp, two monitors, a pedal board, and a vocal mic — yet he blew away the packed stadium and millions of viewers.

He also likes guitar solos, another nice revival of a lost art.

Stapleton’s voice is a marvel — piercing, clear, gritty, and wrenching at the same time.

This song was just released a few days ago, so there’s not much more to say about it. I think it speaks for itself. And I can’t wait for Stapleton’s new album, his first since 2021. It should be another milestone in his already-stellar career.