Put a Little Song in Your Heart

Two scholarly communication pros launch a new music-focused e-newsletter

Put a Little Song in Your Heart

At this year’s SSP Annual Meeting, I found myself seated next to Rick Anderson, Associate Dean of Libraries at the University of Utah. Since I’m a UofU alum, we have a little connection there, along with our last names. As we talked, our shared enjoyment of music became a topic, as did our compulsive need to write. Before long, we’d started to cook up an idea.

That idea was operationalized in August under the title, “Mad About Music,” an e-newsletter spanning new releases, interviews, reviews, and our experiences with music. (Rick is a bassist, guitarist, and banjo player, a specialist on the clawhammer banjo. I play keyboards and synths in rock bands.)

So far, we’ve generated dozens of posts. “Mad About Music” is published every weekday, and we’re finding it easy to keep a daily pace, even with life going on around us. (Did I mention the compulsive need to write?)

Some of our favorite posts so far are:

We have plenty in store, including more interviews, reviews, and Rick’s weekly “Heads-up Dept.,” which tells readers about new releases of note across all genres. So far, he’s covered new releases in early music, jazz, reggae, and electronica.

If you’re a music lover, I invite you to give “Mad About Music” a try. Like “The Geyser,” some posts are free, while others require a subscription.


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