"The Geyser" Turns One

After a year, hundreds of subscribers, and posts that are widely shared and quoted

"The Geyser" Turns One

Just over 10 years ago, I was celebrating the first birthday of “The Scholarly Kitchen.” Time flies, the world changes . . . and almost before I realized it, it occurred to me that “The Geyser” will celebrate its first birthday as of next Monday!

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As hoped, the Substack platform has proven empowering. “Free information” — called out just this week as “the worst thing about the Internet” — is being increasingly overtaken by subscription information as more people smell and see a rat in the surveillance-advertising economy, while platforms like Substack are making it possible for independent authors to get paid to write and build an audience based on quality, relevance, and a direct relationship, one untainted by manipulation or deception. Experimenting with a modernized subscription model was part of the inspiration for “The Geyser,” so a hat-tip to Substack is well-earned.

Over the past year, “The Geyser” has published interviews with post-docs, editors-in-chief, technologists, entrepreneurs, hip-hop legends, publishers, and journalists. Certain essays and some guest essays have reached thousands and thousands of readers.

Published nearly every weekday, with few interruptions, our archive now holds 200+ posts covering a wide range of topics for publishers, editors, librarians, and technologists. If you’ve written, been interviewed, or helped in any way, thank you!

For those of you who have subscribed, you have my heartfelt gratitude. There are now hundreds of you, so thank you x 100s!

For those of you who haven’t yet subscribed, please accept the offer — only available until the end of the day on the anniversary Monday as a “birthday special” — to subscribe at 25% off your first year. The button below will give you this special rate through October 28th, so act now.

So, now, it’s been quite a year, so I’m off to celebrate a little . . . and prepare the interviews, essays, and analyses that will keep this going far into the future.

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