Well, It’s About Time . . .

cOAlition S reveals the TJ program's failures, and a call to stop using APCs

Two things occurred over the past few days that once again show that OA is living on borrowed time in many ways — the problems (expenses, conflicts, lack of benefit, and erosion of standards) are becoming all too clear, while people are starting to question the purported benefits.

Such skepticism is long overdue . . . yet, where and how it’s emerging is still surprising.

First, we have cOAlition S issuing an update on the transformative journals effort they’ve basically abandoned — and the chart below suggests why they decided to drop the mess they created:

Even at its peak, this represented a small slice of the entire journals market, and after just a few years, it became clear the program was dying — so cOAlition S decided to move the goalposts before the final score was tallied.

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