Caldera Is Active Again

After guiding a startup to acquisition, it's time to return to consulting

Caldera Is Active Again

With the announcement of RedLink’s acquisition by Wiley/Atypon, I’m pleased to also announce that Caldera Publishing Solutions is active again, after 3+ years of dormancy.

Of course, the launch of this newsletter — “The Geyser” — in October 2018 was the first rumbling that something was coming.

Caldera Publishing Solutions was launched in 2016 with the mission of providing scholarly and scientific publishers — as well as other information purveyors — with future-focused consulting services. We emphasize editorial development, product development, market assessment, customer insights, and strategic synthesis. We have some unique approaches that help develop strategies that recognize complexity and size-up viability from the start.

The band is back together, too, with Kent Anderson and Nicola Poser at Caldera after bringing RedLink to the exit mentioned above. After more than three years of being committed to one organization, we’re both looking forward to serving a multitude of clients once again. We’re also building a network of affiliated researchers and consultants to ensure we have the bandwidth to do a variety of projects in parallel.

If you have any needs for consulting services, please keep us in mind. Our website is at

In the meantime, if you or your organization wish to get some of our insights “on the cheap,” you can subscribe to “The Geyser.” We have discounts for organizational or group subscriptions, as well. Please inquire at