November's Top Posts

From a comedian to governance, we've been covering a lot of ground

November's Top Posts

Leave it to Sasha Baron Cohen to top the charts on an e-newsletter focused on the information economy, this time via the publication of the transcript of his speech to the Anti-defamation League. That speech was important for many reasons, if only because it revealed how much thought has gone into his subversive comedy, and how much passion he brings to his projects.

While his transcript was the top post of November for “The Geyser,” we tackled a variety of topics last month. Here’s a recap of the Top 10 in case you missed any:

  1. Sacha Baron Cohen on Lies and Hatred
  2. Interview: Marla Bobowick on Governance
  3. Consumers or Producers?
  4. A Podcast Interview @ the Future
  5. Open Source, Age, and Money
  6. Platforms vs. Trusted Intermediaries
  7. NLM to Pilot the Indexing of Preprints
  8. The Health Information Wars Heat Up
  9. Are Our “Innovations” a Waste of Time?
  10. I’m Thankful for Light Bulbs & More

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