Reality Remains Stubborn

Money remains a concern for arXiv, while ACS finds a way to make some green from Green

OA has always been a fantasy of sorts — believing people want to spend a lot of time reading scientific research papers is less realistic than believing in a Flying Spaghetti Monster, so it’s no wonder the dream has developed disturbing elements, replete with fear of falling, a lingering sense of frustration, and the possibility of long-term disillusionment.

Two developments last week added to the evidence that the OA dreamworld has always been fragile, unrealistic, and prone to unintended consequences.

This time, arXiv and ACS are offering doses of reality.

arXiv Cries Out for an Intervention

First, we come to the ongoing fantasy of arXiv, which all its advocates argue is not, absolutely not, in dire straits either financially or otherwise, and which is a perfect system with pristine finances and a clear operational path with low expenses and an extensible model.