Social & Personal Status Survey Results

Stress and anxiety are higher, but a surprising amount of resilience is also apparent

Social & Personal Status Survey Results

On Monday, I sent out a survey asking various social and personal status questions. By yesterday afternoon, 87 people had responded, a smaller response than I wanted — I’d hoped for about a 10% response rate, or about 100 responses — but given the way responses had slowed to a trickle and the intense interest people were exhibiting about the results, I decided to close the collector and present the fetch.

My overall impression is of a community feeling more anxious, grumpier, more stressed, and exhibiting concerns about their own — and their friends’ — mental health. It also shows a surprising amount of resilience, with the majority of respondents claiming to have developed healthy habits during the pandemic, and with the “health” of primary relationships improving generally overall. These are good signs, but there are extreme ranges behind some of the averages. Some people are really hurting.

Politics is the main source of additional stress, followed by work and family.

The summary results below are being provided to all registered users. A few insights from various cuts of the data will be shared separately with subscribers.

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How would you rate your general level of stress currently?

Range: 12-99.

Have you developed any new, beneficial habits or lifestyle changes in the last six months?

How would you rate the “health” of your primary relationship compared to six months ago?

Range: 3-100.

How would you rate your general level of anxiety as compared to six months ago?

Range: 1-96.

Have you developed any bad habits or possibly regrettable lifestyle changes in the last six months?

How would you describe your moods in general compared with six months ago?

Range: 10-80.

Do you have concerns about the mental health of yourself or someone close to you?

Have you been participating in social gatherings?

Are you concerned about the mental health of anyone in your general social circle?

What are the greatest source(s) of NEW or ADDITIONAL stress for you compared to six months ago?

Does your employer have an Employee Assistance Program or Wellness Program?

It’s worth noting that participation in EAP programs has been generally less than 10% even during the “before times,” so it does appear they are being utilized more now.

What type of organization do you work for?

Thank you to those who participated in the survey, with a special thanks to those who wrote to me separately about it. The intense interest in these results was noteworthy.

Subscribers will receive a separate post with additional analysis and insights into some of the thoughtful comments provided.

Take care.

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