The Greed of the Old

Scott Galloway takes on the selfishness of our generation, and the one preceding us.

I’m sharing this video of a TED Talk given recently by Scott Galloway as it dissects a lot of what’s wrong with academia, which includes scholarly publishing. It’s put in the context of a larger societal framework of the old circling the economic wagons at the expense of the young, and set up with a provocative question:

Do we love our children?

We may not, at least not in the sense of providing them the same opportunities we once had.

In our space, OA has severely constrained opportunity for young people’s careers and salaries, making content into a commodity, offshoring work that once was done inside societies and academic offices providing good salaries and strong benefit packages, while we’ve allowed consolidation to wipe out mid-level and upper-level management jobs, eliminating many career destinations.

Galloway is an acquired taste, but one I find bracing and informative.