The Twelve Top Posts of 2021

"The Geyser" grew in popularity, as well, as it moves into Year 4

The Twelve Top Posts of 2021

Now entering its fourth year, “The Geyser” continues to grow, reaching more people than ever. Thanks to its strong subscriber base, occasional posts are free to read, and I remain motivated to find interesting topics and angles as the world marches on.

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During 2021, the following dozen posts were the most widely read of the more than 200 published. While these include many about the irksome topic of biomedical preprints, the variety of subjects is reassuring to me, as I do try to mix it up:

  1. Conspiracy Leaps Again From Zenodo
  2. Another Preprint Bomb Detonates
  3. Will the Taxman Come for Non-Profits?
  4. ORCID Might Want to Clean Its Room
  5. Altmetric Devalues Twitter, Tells Nobody
  6. OA’s Second Order Effects
  7. Chrissy Teigen, Identity, and ORCID
  8. Cleaning Up Our Own Mess
  9. Update — UpToDate and Preprints
  10. Review: “Woke Racism”
  11. London Police Warn Against Sci-Hub
  12. Foxes and Hedgehogs in Publishing

As this is the holiday season, I’m going to slow down a little for the next two weeks, unless something really noteworthy occurs. But I’ll be keeping an eye out . . .

Thanks for reading — and, if you subscribe, supporting — “The Geyser.” I hope you wrap up 2021 with happiness, health, and optimism as we head into 2022.

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