Top Posts of 2022 — So Far

A quick review of the most important posts so far this year

Top Posts of 2022 — So Far

The following list represents the top posts of 2022 in my view — that is, the posts that seem more important in one way or another. Some represent an analysis I haven’t seen elsewhere; others break news or reveal new information; and, finally, the third category represents perspectives that seem novel and make sense.

Here is the list, in reverse-chronology order:

When a Fox and a Mouse Eat a Magazine
A surprising sale in 2015 has not led to the security the non-profit may have sought
F1000 Research Platforms Lurch On
The approach is aging, activity is low, and the review process may be a repellent
Canada Drops More Preprint Bombs
Two preprints about Covid detonate deadly misinformation about vaccines
Is Biomedicine at “Peak Preprint”?
From bioRxiv to medRxiv to PLOS, available data suggest stagnation or disinterest
Journals Lose Citations to Preprints
Even after publication, unreviewed versions divert citations at PLOS
SPARC, PACs, and Paychecks
Dark money, hidden influence, and selective secrecy fan the flames at SPARC
A Board Seat, Then a Top Donor
Exploiting a conflict-of-interest at SPARC seems to have paid dividends
Citation Loss to Preprints — The Totals
Across nearly 140,000 preprint-paper pairs, losses show general acceleration
Preprints May Steal Media Coverage
By exhausting novelty, media uptake suffers — but the effect is harder to study
ORCID May Have Cleaned Up
Exploitative entries are locked, and scrubbing seems ongoing
Russia Burns Scholarly Bridges
An effort at collaboration collapses, and sanctions pose existential threats
Why Aren’t APC Payers Disclosed?
Between giving credit and adhering to transparency, it seems a good approach
Did We Ruin Online Publishing?
Hot Takes & Deep Thinking on the Information Economy
Journals Without Communities
OA journals with no community affiliation suggests a commodity mindset
Do Critics of Peer Review Even Understand It?
ASAPBio continues to push its agenda, but with laughable results — as usual
Diversity, Meet Dogma
Can diversity initiatives pay dividends if options for innovation don’t exist?

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